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About me

I'm a 36 year old guy, born and raised in the New Hampshire seacoast area. I currently work as a Senior Software Engineer at B2W Software, Inc. I'm just as interested in machining and watchmaking, as computers and software though.

Up until a few years ago my hobbies were primarily computer and Volkswagen related. During that time, though, I became bitten first by the watchmaking bug and then by the machining bug, as I started becoming obsessed with making my own watchmaking tools and eventually making my own watch completely from scratch. I have a deep appreciation for manual machine tools (lathes, shapers, mills, etc) and traditional manufacturing techniques.

During previous employment, I did a fair amount of traveling. Most of it has been within the US, but I have also been to England, Germany, Austria, and Australia. I also spent a couple of weeks in Zimbabwe (not work related) and toured England, Scotland, and Wales (also not work related).

In April 2004 I married a wonderful English lady, and we now have 2 boys... parenting is quite an adventure on its own!