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This is my current daily driver. I call her Blue. Definitely the best looking A2 I've ever driven. Our old 16v GTI was much faster than Blue; however, it totally lacked this kind of style. The one category where Blue outperforms our old 16v, however, is braking. The brakes on this thing are great.

I bought the car from a fellow Vortexer in New Jersey, he and a buddy of his had done the bodywork and the paintjob. The paintjob is nice, but the bodywork underneath leaves a lot to be desired. It looks great from a few paces, though.

Here are the specs on the car:

Engine: Stock 1.8 8-valve (soon to be ABA block) with "Digifast 2" Digifant II chip
Exhaust: Brospeed header, 55mm catalytic converter, Bosal 2.25" stainless cat-back system (not pictured).
Drivetrain: ACN transmission with Peloquin 80% limited slip upgrade.
Brakes: Calipers/carriers from A3, ATE slotted discs, Hawk HPS pads.
Suspension: Tokico HP shocks, FK 60/40 springs (not pictured), Eibach rear stress bar, A3 rear axle, Corrado strut mounts. I have the matching front strut tower tie bar but it isn't installed. I kind of like the handling without it.
Wheels/Tires: 15" American Racing Estrellas with 205/50 Kumho Ecsta 711 tires.
Exterior: Shaved moulding, shaved hatch, shaved marker lights, single round lights (not pictured), big bumpers (soon to be euro small bumpers), single windshield wiper conversion.
Interior: GLI cloth Recaro buckets, matching rear Recaro bench, misc other.

1991 Digifant Golf 1991 Digifant Golf 1991 Digifant Golf
1991 Digifant Golf 1991 Digifant Golf 1991 Digifant Golf