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Software stuff

Maybe I'll restructure this someday, but for now it's just a pile of stuff that I've written over the years. Everything, for now, is organized by language. Everything here is copyrighted by me, but you are absolutely welcome to use it for non-commercial purposes.

All files available here are in gzipped tar format.

Python - This is a simple python script that makes use of the SimpleHTTPServer class, so there's really not a whole lot to it. The only real code is in the "get" request handler. As it is, this little http server handles most common file types (based on file extension rather than registered mime types - it's an ugly hack) as well as CGI scripts. This isn't intended to be used for a real, live web server - rather, I wrote it to help me develop, test, and debug my web site stuff locally. - This is an interesting little Tk python app that I wrote to help me quickly generate thumbnail pages. You specify the width/height constraints of the output thumbnails, and the thumbnails get generated along with a simple HTML page that displays them as links to the full-sized images. You could really elaborate on this and make more of a full featured gallery generator out of it if you felt like it.


xsl-xform - This MonoDevelop .NET project is for a very simple command-line utility that takes a given XML file, XSLT file, and an output file. It uses the XSLT file to transform the XML file. It's like a static XSL transformation with the output getting saved to the specified file. Among other things, I use this to convert XML into xsl:fo.