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Mon Aug 01, 2005
The shift linkage in my A2 has loosened itself up. I installed a MissingLinkz linkage kit quite a while ago - it's some great hardware (all heim joints and teflon bushings), and made a huge difference in the way the linkage feels. It's fantastic. It's a real joy taking her on long trips, like recently to my friend, Casey's, wedding and more recently up to North Troy, Vermont to visit family.

During the trip to North Troy, we were coming through Derby heading toward Newport when the linkage started feeling real funny. I figured maybe I had forgotten to loc-tite one of the ball-studs in the new linkage kit, so I checked those out once we arrived at my grandparents' house. Everything seemed fine. Today I checked the rest of the linkage, and the bracket that bolts to the top of the steering rack is loose! All of the bolts appear to have backed out. Time for some threadlocker, I'd say.

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