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Wed Jul 20, 2005
This is a project that has been in progress for a while now, so this post is just to provide background info and get up-to-date on where I am with it now.

Purpose: Perform one of the most basic watercooled VW engine swaps: An OBD-I ABA 2.0 liter block swap. The ABA block is fantastic because it bolts up with the cylinder heads used on the earlier cars. It also mates with the 020 transmissions and uses the same engine mounting points. In my case, I have an A2 Golf with the factory 1.8 8valve and Digifant engine management. Here is the why:
-My current motor is whipped (poor headgasket, valve stem seals, main bearings).
-200cc increase in displacement (more torque, potential for more power)
-The OBD-I ABA has high quality, forged internals.
-This will allow me to easily use a serpentine belt to drive the alternator rather than a v-belt.
-It's nearly as easy as replacing the stock engine block, so why not do it?

There are a few minor differences between the ABA block and the earlier blocks that I will need to contend with. First of all, the physical height of the ABA block is about a quarter of an inch greater. Secondly, the ignition distributor normally used with the ABA block is different than the distributors used with the earlier blocks (it's hall sender uses a different number of pulses per revolution and the mounting base is physically larger). Last of all, there are openings in the ABA block, which are normally used for crankcase ventilation, that must be blocked off for my purposes.

I will be rebuilding a spare Digifant cylinder head as well as an ABA block that I received for free from my brother, so that I will be able to swap the whole assembly once the rebuild is complete.

I have all of the parts necessary for a complete head and block rebuild, the ABA block has been completely disassembled and pressure-washed and painted (using POR-15), the cylinder bores have been honed, the crankshaft has been professionally resurfaced by my favorite local machine shop, and I am nearly done cleaning the pistons. Once the pistons are cleaned, I can start assembling the block.

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