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Wed Mar 29, 2006
The weather outside is fantastic lately, I think the winter weather may finally be over here in New England (fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc). My thoughts are now turning toward the seemingly millions of things I have to do now that the days are longer and the air is warmer.

1995 Jetta
  • Replace evaporative emissions valve (solenoid)
  • Have new all-season tires (purchased last year) mounted on wheels
  • Get some paint on those primer spots behind the rear wheel arches
  • Clean & detail interior
  • Wash & wax exterior
  • SELL IT!

1996 Golf
  • Replace rear dampeners (lots of sag at the moment)
  • Finish prepping & install door moulding strips
  • Purchase hub-centric rings and summer tires to use with set of aftermarket 16" alloys that originally came with the car
  • Work some Oxyclean magic on that dirty interior

ABA motor rebuild
  • Install that 4th piston oil squirter
  • Fabricate & install crank-case breather block-off plate
  • Convert ABA ignition distributor to work w/Digifant II engine management system
  • Install ignition distributor, oil pump, oil pan, and oil seals
  • Bead blast the currently stripped cylinder head
  • Lap valves
  • Find wicked good deal on decent, streetable camshaft... then buy it
  • Locate spare set of Digifant fuel injectors
  • Send out spare set of Digifant fuel injectors for blueprinting, flow testing, and rebuilding (if necessary)
  • Install valvetrain components into cylinder head
  • Install cylinder head onto ABA block

1991 Golf
  • Swap summer wheels/tires onto the car
  • Purchase A3-style alternator (serpentine belt driven)
  • Purchase new clutch, pressure plate, and throwout bearing (might as well)
  • Perform the engine swap (see ABA rebuild above), removing all air conditioning equipment, converting to serpentine belt accessories, and swapping Brospeed header for factory Dual outlet manifold/dual inlet downpipe in the process
  • Purchase euro "duck-bill" chin spoiler
  • Install duck-bill and small euro bumpers
  • Some paint touch-up needed here & there
  • Take my driver's side Recaro seat up go G&L Interior and have them repair some minor damage

1990 Corrado (G60 body, 2.0 Motronic 16v motor)
  • Resolve the front fender dilemma (it's a long story)
  • Purchase new dampeners for all 4 corners
  • Install new dampeners & stock G60 springs
  • Inspect brakes and refurbish if necessary
  • Troubleshoot slow leak in clutch hydraulics
  • Re-install entire interior (it's currently out of the car)
  • Have new tires (purchased ages ago) installed on new wheels (also purchased ages ago)
  • Complete tune-up
  • Get inspected

1985 Wolfsburg Jetta
  • *sigh*
  • Get rid of, for practically any price. :-/

1984 Wolfsburg Scirocco
  • Finish re-wiring (part of battery relocation)
  • Replace misc fuel lines & shift linkage pieces
  • Re-install interior
  • Get inspected

I have no idea how much of that stuff is actually going to happen. Only time will tell.

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Date: 01/31/07, 22:03:03 PST
From: David
Comments: Hello, just curious were you got the oil squirter from, or do you know where to get them? My forth broke. Thanks please email me if you know.

Date: 02/01/07, 11:53:47 PST
From: max
Comments: Hi David, I got all of my piston oil squirters from the block that I am rebuilding (an OBD-I ABA block). You might be able to get new ones from your local VW dealer, but your best bet would probably be to get one out of a used engine.
A1 parts for sale:
intake air preheater hose
Item: Intake air pre-heat hose (from exhaust manifold shroud to air box), for Scirocco 2 (1982+)
Condition: New

A2 parts for sale:
A2 GTI dual round grill, with inner lights
Item: GTI dual-round grille with inner lights, bulbs, and lower trim strip
Condition: Used, lower trim strip is weathered.

parcel shelf strap
Item: Parcel shelf strap, 3 available
Condition: New
$3.50 ea.

A2 valve guides, 8 valve
Item: 8 (eight) valve guides, German, standard size, for 8 valve head
Condition: New

wheel cylinder
Item: Wheel cylinder (for rear drums, obviously), 2 available.
Condition: New
$12 ea.

A3 parts for sale:
parcel shelf strap
Item: Parcel shelf strap, 3 available
Condition: New
$3.50 ea.

A4 parts for sale:
ALH water pump
Item: OEM Water pump, ALH engines
Condition: Used, 130,000 miles