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Sun May 07, 2006
Slight change of plan with those General Exclaim UHP tires. They're being used on a brand new set of 16 inch American Racing wheels instead. We had the wheels sitting around, still in the boxes, doing nothing. The ultimate plan is to use them on the Corrado, but we may as well get some use out of them in the meantime. The tires are now mounted on the wheels, but not installed on the car yet. Here they be:
American Racing wheels with General Exclaim UHP tires

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Date: 05/07/06, 14:08:53 PDT
From: seamus
Comments: those look familiar, haha

Date: 05/07/06, 17:31:07 PDT
From: max
Comments: Haha, yeah. Thanks again for transporting, Seamus!

Date: 04/05/07, 21:24:45 PDT
From: Erika
Comments: these are really nice rims.. my mom has some on her car. i have a question though. my mom need another one of the same rims but i dont know where to buy them at. they are the same exact rims... and i looked for it online but i couldnt find them. i would gladlly appriciate it if i received a response. thanks.

Date: 04/06/07, 06:44:19 PDT
From: Max
Comments: Hi Erika. Yes, those are very difficult rims to find since they have been out of production for several years. They are made by American Racing and the model of the wheel is Vortec AR-7. I did some looking online and found one place where you can still buy them, but you will need to know which size and bolt pattern you need. Once you find out which size and bolt pattern you need, follow this link: http://www.sportcompactonly.com/American-Racing/performance-parts_b-264_pl-5736.htm I hope that helps!
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