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Fri Feb 09, 2007
Got my Golf inspected this morning, so that's both cars out of the way for another year. I stayed up late last night reassembling my rear brake calipers (I had replaced the piston seals and dust boots) and installing new parking brake cables. The calipers took a long time because I goofed on one of them by leaving out a circlip. Things got so bound up inside the caliper that it took nearly 2 hours just to get the piston back out. The parking brake cables weren't easy either, because they didn't fit. I had to shorten the cable tubes (the tubes that are mounted through the body of the car, which the cables slide into) in order for the ends to come up far enough to attach to the parking brake lever. I don't know what the cables that I replaced were from (apparently something other than an A2 Golf).

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