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Sat Sep 03, 2005
Here's a quick one about the rear brakes on my A2 Golf. Some time ago, I had noticed a noise at low speeds that sounded like a brake caliper was dragging. I finally got around to doing something about it, and it turned out to be coming from the rear driver's side. Halfway through removing the brake caliper, I could see what the problem was. Since these are single piston calipers, they rely on sliding pins in the caliper carrier bracket to allow the caliper to slide back and forth, which allows even pressure on each side of the brake disc. What I found was that one of the sliding pins in the carrier bracket was seized. I was able to free it up by keeping the outside of the bracket heated with a torch, spraying penetrating oil around the exposed portion of the pin, and gently trying to twist the head of the pin. It eventually started moving a little bit and I was able to remove it completely after a few minutes. I cleaned the pin and ran it over a wire wheel, applied a liberal amount of fresh grease, then reinstalled it. No more dragging, no more noise.

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