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Tue Sep 26, 2006
As I mentioned in my last post, I have ordered a new knock sensor for my 91 Golf. While I was ordering the knock sensor, it crossed my mind that I should order a new oxygen sensor as well. The oxygen sensor that was in the car when I bought it was certainly not the original (it was a universal type that was spliced in), but since the car had been burning oil for such a long period of time and since I had no idea how old the oxygen sensor in the car really was, it seemed like a good idea to replace it. I bought a Bosch universal sensor, which came with some fantastic hardware for splicing into the factory connector without soldering. That's unusual for a universal sensor. Here is what I got in the kit:

Bosch universal oxygen sensor kit

That little plastic bag contains the solder-less connectors, which work extremely well and are re-usable. It even came with a couple of zip-ties and anti-seize compound pre-applied to the threads of the sensor. I like Bosch - none of this rinky-dink "made in China", cost-cutting, corner-cutting, junk that you tend to see so often these days. The universal Bosch kit is roughly $20 more expensive than the other universal kits, but to me it's worth it to get the nice hardware as well as the real, correct sensor (OEM sensors are also Bosch).

I just finished installing the new sensor this evening, and I'm glad I did. The old sensor was caked in black soot and carbon buildup. I took the Golf for a small test drive around the back roads, and I noticed a definite improvement in low RPM power output. I'm really looking forward to getting that new knock sensor installed - it's easy to do, and I think it will yield favorable results.

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