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Wed Sep 27, 2006
Today, after work, I swung by Atlantic to pick up the new knock sensor that I ordered for my 91 Golf. I got home and it only took a couple of minutes to replace the sensor. The repair manual recommends disconnecting the battery before removing the knock sensor, because the sensor is located such that there is a genuine risk of shorting the hot wire going to the alternator. It's also crucial to torque the new sensor down to the exact specifications (for my application, it had to be between 15 and 18 foot-pounds), so it's good to have a small torque wrench.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - the single best performance modification you can make to an older car is getting it running correctly. During my 10 minute test drive after installing the new sensor, I was just blown away. The Golf hasn't run this nice since I've had her. In fact, this 1991 Golf now runs even better than our 1996 Golf. Our 96 runs pretty nice, but it's not quite as smooth as it should be. But that's a different subject for another time.

I came back from the test drive perfectly content, and wearing a huge grin.

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