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Sat Oct 28, 2006
Here are some pictures that I meant to post here quite a few days ago, but never got around to it. This is the damage that was done to the hydrualic lifters in the 1998 TDI Beetle when the timing belt broke. Even though only one valve made contact with a piston, the other valves were all rammed into the undersides of the lifters as the valvetrain timing went haywire. Unlike a gasoline engine, when the timing belt on a diesel breaks, combustion can (and probably will) still take place. There is still the potential to have compression, there is still fuel, and that's all it takes for diesel ignition.

The lifters in the TDI head were seized inside the lifter bores and I even had to drill a hole through one of them in order to pull it out. In the end, we opted to go for a new cylinder head, complete with valvetrain and ready to install, from kermatdi.com. It saved us the cost of having to buy all new valves, and gave us the added peace-of-mind of new valve springs and camshaft well.

Enough chatting, here are the pictures of the lifters. See how they've been mercilessly pounded from underneath by the valve stems, while getting whacked from above by the camshaft lobes. (click images to see larger views)
TDI Beetle, valvetrain damage

TDI Beetle, valvetrain damage

TDI Beetle, valvetrain damage

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