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Thu Nov 02, 2006
All of the parts for the 1998 Beetle have arrived, except for the cylinder head. No major progress will be made until the head arrives, but we now have the whole front clip removed from the car in readiness for changing the radiator. The old radiator was starting to leak a little bit, so it's getting replaced while we've got everything apart. In case you've wondered, here's what a New Beetle looks like with the whole front clip removed:

1998 Beetle, front clip removed

1998 Beetle, front clip removed

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Date: 11/08/06, 18:06:11 PST
From: Tim Smith
Comments: What are you doing to my little Beetle?? Put it's nose back you meanies!!!

Date: 11/09/06, 06:35:13 PST
From: max
Comments: Haha, no chance! :-)
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