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Tue Nov 21, 2006
It's official - the Beetle lives! Here is the engine bay, all put back together (but with the nose and fenders still removed):
TDI Beetle engine bay

And here is a sound clip (in ogg vorbis format) of the engine running, from inside the passenger compartment. http://www.digitaldownpour.com/vw_diy/media/1998_beetle_running.ogg

With the fuel system being pretty dry from the filter onward, it took some priming of the diesel injector pump as well as lots of cranking before she fired up. We had one minor coolant leak, which we discovered before we tried to start the engine. The metal line coming from the back of the water pump housing in the engine block had a busted o-ring that we had to replace. We lost some coolant, but no big deal. As we were cranking the engine trying to start it, we noticed a bad oil leak from the side of the cylinder head. There was a threaded hole that was supposed to have a plug threaded into it. I had overlooked that plug on the old cylinder head, and never swapped it over to the new head. Eventually, we got the engine to contain all its fluids and successfully got it started. The engine ran really sweet right away. I had to fiddle around with the vag-com software on my laptop to finish up the diesel injector pump timing, and then Pete finished reassembling the front end (rain tray, bumper, fenders, nose piece, lights, etc).

During a test drive around the neighborhood, we found that there's an air leak somewhere that's causing the turbo boost to vent out to the atmosphere. Once a little boost starts to build up, we can hear it whistling as it escapes. Once we take care of that, she'll be back on the road. Other little things may come up over the next few days, but should be nothing major (fingers crossed).

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Date: 11/29/06, 09:29:08 PST
Comments: Hi Max, I was just on your web site looking for pictures of your house. What?? Was Freddie lying or am I just lost in a maze of engines? Sorry it's been so long since I've seen you. Hopefully we'll have a family get together before too much time goes by. Take care, Diana

Date: 11/29/06, 13:22:23 PST
From: Max
Comments: Hi Diana, Dad wasn't lying - there are some pics of our house up here. There is currently no link to them on the site, though, so they are difficult to find. If you'd like to see them, go to http://www.digitaldownpour.com/ourhouse and you will get a small gallery of thumbnails. The thumbnail pictures should expand when you click them, but if you use Internet Explorer then it may be kind of broken-ish. The pictures were taken before we moved in, so things look pretty different on the inside now. We also completely renovated the bathroom, which was the only horrible room in the house.
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