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Sun Oct 16, 2005

This morning I replaced the MAF (mass airflow sensor, or "air mass sensor" as VW calls it) in the black Golf. I replaced it with a remanufactured sensor that I purchased from Impex. I don't know what "remanufactured" means with these things, but it looks brand new to me. You can get the reman sensor for roughly $70, versues nearly $300 for the new.

Once the sensor was replaced, it was once again time to run through the tedious procedures for setting the readiness codes, using the vag-com software. There are portions that require the car to be driven under certain conditions while at the same time examining the feedback from the vag-com application. It would be very difficult and incredibly dangerous to attempt that on your own; fortunately, my dad was around to ride shotgun and keep an eye on the laptop while I drove. I am always worried that stuff won't work, so imagine my delight when when we finished all 20 procedures and saw the following screen, telling us that the readiness codes are now set:

Screenshot of readiness codes

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