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Sat Oct 22, 2005
At long last, our "new" Golf is ready for state inspection. Today I replaced one of the turn signal bulbs, a front corner marker bulb, both rear license plate bulbs, and one tail light bulb. The brakes are all taken care of now, too. The parking brake cables needed a lot of adjustment - that's kind of a pain because the rear section of the center console has to be removed in order to get to the cable adjusters behind the base of the parking brake lever. I had thought that the brakes would need to be bled, but once the parking brake was adjusted, the brake pedal felt nice and firm.

So, that's it. That's all she should need to pass inspection. Since purchasing the car, I have done the following work to it: New Neuspeed stainless steel cat-back exhaust system, new master cylinder, new braided stainless steel brake lines, new front strut inserts, new upper strut mounts, new rear wheel cylinders, new upstream oxygen sensor, new mass airflow sensor, realigned front doors, adjusted parking brake, replaced a bunch of exterior light bulbs. Looking back on it, that's quite a bit! Including the $1000 that I paid for the car itself, I think I have just over $2000 into it - and that's including the stainless exhaust sytem, which was almost $600 by itself. I could have gone for a plain aluminized exhaust system for around $200, but I really wanted a high quality stainless system. In this part of the country aluminized exhausts just dont' last very long, and I don't enjoy doing exhaust work. At any rate, she is one *sweet* Golf for just a couple grand.

I now need to make an appointment at Car Works (our local VW/Volvo specialists) for an inspection, and an alignment (because I had the front suspension apart). I think it should pass, but you never know.

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