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Wed Nov 30, 2005
Our new Golf has been on the road for close to a month now, and all is well. One thing I have noticed about the OBD-II A3 Volkswagens is how slowly the engine RPMs drop between gear changes. The OBD-I VWs have a small hydraulic device on the throttle body that causes the throttle valve to close slowly, achieving nearly the same effect. I believe this is done to make the cars easier to drive. It allows the driver to make easy, relaxed shifts without jerkiness during clutch engagement. If the RPMs drop quickly, then you must either shift quickly or quickly raise the engine RPMs again as you re-engage the clutch in order to avoid an ugly mismatch that can cause the car to buck or jerk. Anyway, the reason I mention it is because the OBD-I cars can be made to behave more naturally by removing that small hydraulic device. The OBD-II A3s, however, appear to behave this way due to the program in the ECU, and so only an ECU update will get rid of this annoying trait.

All in all, she's a great little car that we are very happy with.

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