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Wed Sep 07, 2005
Yesterday I called Atlantic and had them order a set of correct piston rings for my ABA build. They arrived today, so I went and picked them up. These are Goetze instead of Mahle. Both are superb quality, but at least the instruction sheet with the Goetze rings has better grammar.
new piston rings new piston rings

I was planning on getting the crankshaft and pistons/rods installed tonight, so I started by opening my package of new main bearings:
new main bearings

That little white packet contains the 4 thrust bearings that get installed on either side of the #3 main crankshaft journal.

I had all of the main bearing caps bagged and tagged, so I just cleaned them up, popped all of the new main bearing shells into place in the block and in the caps, applied plenty of assembly lube, carefully placed the crankshaft into place, and worked the caps into place on top of their respective main journals. According to the Bentley manual, there are 2 types of main bolts used. The early type are shouldered and get torqued to 48 ft*lb. The later type are threaded all the way up to the head, and get torqued to 48 ft*lb plus another quarter of a turn (90 degrees). I had the later type. The crankshaft is the original from this engine block (220,000 miles!), and I had it worked over by a reputable machine shop in our area (R&L engines). They didn't have to grind the journals for oversized bearings because they were still well within spec. It was a simple radius and polish job. I got the crankshaft back well packaged, oiled, and looking brand new. It only cost $65. Here is that beauty of a crank installed:
Crankshaft installed

I didn't get any of the pistons installed because I don't have a ring compressor. Well, that's not entirely true. I just don't have one that will fit 82.5mm pistons. So my next ABA rebuild related post will be me making a ring compressor and (hopefully) installing the pistons and attaching the connecting rods to the crankshaft.

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