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Thu Sep 22, 2005
I can't find my camera, so I don't have any pictures to post with this, but 3 of the 4 ABA pistons are now installed. "Why only 3?", you ask? Well, there was an incident several days ago. I accidentally broke a couple of rings while attempting to install the first piston. My first attempt was using a rolled piece of sheetmetal and a couple of hose clamps to compress the rings. That arrangement was awkward to work with - nearly impossible to get the bottom edge of the sheetmetal to sit perfectly flush against the top of the cylinder block. That meant that there was a little bit of a gap between the ring compressor and the block that allowed the rings to expand just enough to get all mangled as I drove the piston into the block.

The day after breaking the rings, I ordered replacements. Just last night I found that my dad had borrowed a real ring compressor from a friend of his. So we tried it out and had great luck getting 3 of the pistons installed. The new rings arrived today, so now I can get the fourth one out of the way. Pics when I remember where my camera is.

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