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Sun Sep 25, 2005
Here are pics of the block, with all 4 pistons/conrods installed:
ABA block being rebuilt ABA block being rebuilt

Here is one of the reasons that the OBD-I ABA block is such a popular upgrade - they have 4 of these piston oil squirters (normally only found in high end turbo applications) from the factory:
ABA piston oil squirter

Here are some shots of the valve spring compressor that my dad and I made:
Homemade valve spring compressor Homemade valve spring compressor Homemade valve spring compressor

It works well. In the pictures above, you see it bolted to the cylinder head that I will be using on top of the ABA block. There are no valve springs or valves in the cylinder head in the pictures - these are just to show the way it works. That little window cut into the "foot" of the spring compressor allows access to the valve keepers once the springs are compressed.

Here is a box full of the valves, valve springs, keepers, and retainers that will be going into the cylinder head. They are all stock.
Box-o-valvetrain pieces

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Date: 03/06/07, 15:54:46 PST
From: John
Comments: Looks very interesting. That is similar to what I'm doing with my '84 Jetta diesel. Thanks for the information.
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