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Wed Oct 04, 2006
*sigh* Is anyone out there thinking about purchasing Tokico springs for their Volkswagen? If so, then take my advice and don't spend money on them. A year ago I installed a Tokico HP kit, which consisted of dampeners (struts) and springs. I was pretty happy with them at first, but that didn't last very long. It was only a matter of months before the handling started to get worse, and the front end started making all kinds of horrible sounding groans and clunks. Some time ago, I got under the car to find out what was going on, and there was nothing obviously wrong - everything felt real tight. I did notice, though, that the springs were looking incredibly poor. Yes, in almost exactly one year the Tokico HP springs had degraded to the point that I could only describe them as "beat". I saved about $100 over the cost of a quality suspension setup from H&R, and about $300 over the cost of Bilstein struts with Neuspeed springs... and now I wish I had spent the extra money because the Tokicos are complete junk. The dampeners are still working fine, thankfully.

What I decided to do this evening was remove the Tokico springs and replace them with a set of FK 60/40 springs that I had hanging around. FKs are some of the best springs out there, but FK products can be a little bit difficult to get in the U.S. I scored a set a couple years ago, though - behold: (click image for larger view)
FK 60/40 springs

I only had enough time to do the 2 front springs tonight, I will do the rears later. The front FK springs are 60mm lower than stock, which is even lower than the Tokicos I had been using. Both the Tokicos and FKs are so short that I didn't have to use spring compressors to disassemble and reassemble the struts. Here are a couple of pictures of the Tokico springs that I removed (click them for larger versions):
beat Tokico springs
beat Tokico springs

I took the Golf for a quick spin, and the difference is amazing. Even though the FK springs are shorter and stiffer, the ride quality is much, much better and there are no more funny groans and clunks when I go over bumps or cut the steering wheel at low speeds.

If you're going to spend your hard-earned money, spend it on quality.

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Date: 11/25/07, 19:19:24 PST
From: Justinn
Comments: Oh great, I just paid 336$ for a whole round! I got Tok Dampers,springs, Another 100 for Tokico mounts, 20 for Eibach camber system. I hope my experience differs greatly.
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