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Sun Oct 08, 2006
It's now been a few days since the FK 60/40 springs have replaced my old, trashed Tokico springs and I'm still very happy with them. Even though the front springs are lower and the rear springs are the same height, the FKs provide a better ride while still keeping my tires from rubbing against the fenders (with the Tokicos, I had to be very very careful - even small bumps would cause the rear tires to rub). Fortunately, the Tokico dampeners are much better quality than the Tokico springs, and they work well with the FKs. The front dampeners should be changed, though, because the Tokicos have too much travel (which means the springs are loose, just flopping around, when the vehicle is raised off the ground). A set of Bilsteins in the front would be really nice, but they're pricey.

My Golf, with Tokico HP shocks and FK 60/40 springs:
91 Golf, FK 60/40 springs

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