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Thu Aug 09, 2007
This week I picked up my spare Digifant cylinder head from the machine shop. This is the cylinder head for my ABA engine swap. I had 50 thousandths of an inch milled from the gasket surface of the head - when used with the ABA block, it will give me a compression ratio of 11:1. If this motor actually holds together, it will be a monster (for an 8 valve, at least). I'm sure I've mentioned it in one of my very early posts, but the 2.0 ABA blocks made before the 1996 model year have high quality forged internals and piston oil squirters. These blocks are perfect for high compression and forced induction builds. I will start by using the stock camshaft and cam timing gear, just until the engine gets a few hours on it. With so much shaved from the head, there will be a 1 degree cam timing error that I really should compensate for, using an adjustable cam gear. This engine should also respond pretty well to an aggressive camshaft. I haven't decided which cam I will use yet. I may try more than one.

Enough yakking. Here are pictures of the head, which has been pressure tested, milled, and has had the valve seats resurfaced... oh, and check out my polished combustion chambers:
high compression Digifant cylinder head
high compression Digifant cylinder head

And here is the head after I spent some time lapping the valves into it:
high compression Digifant cylinder head

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