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Mon May 26, 2008
My Mk2, with new side marker lights!

Can you tell what's different in this picture, other than the front bumper finally being reinstalled?

Last inspection, I was told that I should have side marker lights on my 91 Golf for the next time. The previous owner had removed them and filled the holes in the fenders before painting the car. I decided that since anything I did would require modification to the fenders, I might as well do something cool looking and unusual. I don't care for the factory A2 side marker lights. I've always rather liked the A4 style side markers that are also found on some Audis and Passats - those small, clear, oval ones. So I ordered a pair, along with the amber colored bulbs, and also scored a pair of the bulb connectors to splice into my wiring. After that, it was simply a matter of making a template, and using that template to mark and cut holes in the front fenders - I chose to locate the new lights in the rear of each fender, just ahead of the front doors (very similar to their location on the A4s and Audis). With the inner wheel well linings removed, there was plenty of room to access the lights from the back. I'm pretty happy with the end result - definitely a huge improvement over the factory side markers.

Here's one of the 2 spliced adapters to go from the factory wiring harness to the Audi style light:
adapter for Audi side marker lights

And here is a closer view of the end result:
adapter for Audi side marker lights

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