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Mon Jun 23, 2008
So, nothing terribly exciting lately. The high compression ABA Mk2 has about 600 miles on it since the engine rebuild/swap, so I'm planning on an oil change tomorrow night. The original radiator was cracking around one of the upper mounts and seeping coolant, so I replaced that this past weekend. The oil pressure sensor mounted on the oil filter housing is leaking oil at the electrical connector. I'm also in the process of finding the best temperature range to use for spark plugs - I have mostly been running a set that are 1 heat range colder than stock. The stock heat range does appear to be a little too warm.

New summer tires came in a while back - a set of Nexen N3000, in 195/45-15. They were crazy cheap, and seem to grip just fine. I read some reviews which mentioned poor hydroplaning resistance, but it was pouring with rain today and they seemed to do well. They aren't super quiet, but they're one heck of a lot quieter than Yokohama A-520s (haha).

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